Solving NeuroPsychiatric Disorders through Targeted and Selective NMDA Receptor Channel Inhibition

Our Mission

ReST develops breakthrough therapies to treat complex neurological and psychiatric disorders, by revisiting NMDA targeted selective inhibition. Our first candidate RST-01 is entering clinical stage for the prevention of PTSD consolidation.

Management Team

Gilles Rubinstenn

Gilles Rubinstenn

Chief Operating Officer and GM France

Life Science Entrepreneur. Former Pharmaceutical BU director of M2I.

Inventor of FENM activity. Experienced manager of strategic alliances and R&D research consortia.

Florent Perin-Dureau

Florent Perin-Dureau

Chief Medical Officer

Physician, anesthesiologist and intensivist. Former ANSM director for SNC products.

Expert in NMDAr structure and function. Specialist in regulatory affairs and clinical trial design.

Anthony Franco

Anthony Franco

General Manager US

JD, former Head of Operation and Chief of Staff at Alexion.

Seasoned Operations and Strategy Executive with over 20 years of experience across the Legal, Technical and Biotech industries.

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